Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've noticed a few trends in the wedding world.  Some I absolutely love because they evoke all of the wonderful feelings one should get at a wedding.  Feelings of warmth, and homeyness and casual elegance.  Others I just think are silly because they are trendy-trends.  The kind of trends, that I believe, people will one day soon look back on and wish they hadn't participated in - because everyone and their mama did the same thing.  Here are a few of the green/green trends I adore:
You know how much I loves me a recycled glass container.  Don't get me started on mason jars!

Christmas lights.  Everybody's got 'em, and everybody loves 'em.

The Dessert Bar.  Because know one ever complains about too many sweets.  And if they do, I'll give them a knuckle sandwich.

Handmade ceremony signs.  Rustic and charming.
And you know what?  The more that I think about it, there's only one trend I don't like.  Probably because I just don't get why it's so over used:
Moustache-On-A-Stick.  It's funny, I get it.  But in my humble opinion, it's only cool if you're the only couple on the block to rock it.   So wedding planners, please, retire the moustache already!

Be different.  Stay classy.
~ the green/green bride.


  1. Hillary had a dessert bar at her wedding! The best thing was a berry cobbler... And fresh berries!

  2. What the hell is with the mustaches everywhere? Check this out. Not wedding related but very funny and it has something to do with the mustaches in there: