Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Saw the Sign

I took this photo using Photo Booth on my Mac, which is why the image is reversed.  Apologies.
Signs are in, and I love them.  I know that my wedding will have a couple of signs because they're inexpensive and adorable - two staples of my wedding plan.
I few weeks ago I found a sign at Ross for $2.99 that said 'Little girl, Big attitude'.  For the record, I don't support signs, shirts, bumper stickers, toys, music, movies or television shows that encourage little girls to be brats.  But I wanted the sign, because I imagined it to be useful for my wedding.  I knew that if I ever got around to it, I could paint the sign white, and then paint something on top of it with my best calligraphy skills.  Something like, "The Bride" or "The Groom" or "Mint Lemonade".  Then I thought: chalkboard paint!  I love chalkboard paint.  For about five bucks you can transform a table, a backsplash or a door into something with form and function.  So, I reached into my closet of tricks, pulled out my chalkboard paint (which I'm pretty sure expired a year ago) and painted over my sassy sign.  I'm all out of actual chalk, so I can't show you just yet what a finished product would look like.  But not bad for about $3.25 worth of materials and two minutes of my time, huh?
~ the green/green bride


  1. You are so crafty! And clever too! I love the budget on the side!

  2. I agree! Your budget list is brilliant.