Saturday, September 18, 2010

Four Weddings

TLC's Four Weddings
There's a new show on TLC called Four Weddings, where, you guessed it, four weddings take place.  Each of the four brides attend the other three weddings and rate the venue, the food and the dress in order to decide which bride had the very best of the bunch.  The winning bride (and groom) get a dream honeymoon to a tropical locale.
I've watched a few of these shows for inspiration, and I have to say, I'm uninspired.  When you see four weddings back-to-back you realize just how similar most weddings are.  Come on, ladies, shake it up!  The funny thing is, it's the brides who think outside of the box that get penalized on the show.  I watched an episode recently where one bride chose to see her groom before the ceremony and the other three brides were so disturbed by this that I thought they might to tie her to a stack of kindle and light a match.  I understand that tradition is important to a lot of people.  But I love the idea of making your wedding as uniquely you as possible.  Keep the traditions that mean the most to you and your groom and throw everything else out the window.  If not for you and your groom, then for your guests.  Surprise them.  Keep them guessing.  Make them remember.
I've narrowed my traditional wedding must haves down to a very passionate few:

  1. I must walk down an aisle.
  2. We must speak our own vows.
  3. He must get misty.  I don't need crocodile tears, but I'll take 'em.
  4. We must share a (phenomenal) kiss.
  5. There must be dancing.
  6. Everyone must have fun. 

Anything beautiful and magical beyond that is icing on the wedding cake. Oh, there must be cake!
~ the green/green bride


  1. Can't wait to see your list in action!!!

  2. This show does sort of make you realize that weddings are mostly all the same accept for the people involved and that's really the most important part which is why $5000 is totally reasonable to spend. You and your hubby and your love are the sparkle and shine.

  3. I like this blog. It inspires me that one day I too will have a green wedding. But I keep checking back and it doesn't update much. Too bad.

  4. I know. I'm trying to pace myself because my date is so far away. My goal is to post once every two or three days, but I'm on a special assignment at work, so it'll probably be more like once a week until mid October.
    Thanks for checking in!
    xo t

  5. I'm just joking. Don't worry about it. I get plenty of good Tay Tay action daily at

  6. Incredibly impressive that you were able to get another neat blog up and running, with your busy life, Taylor, but...yes, please get moving, lady! (Big, big "JK") Great job with everything! I hope the school year has started off smoothly...;-)

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