Saturday, November 6, 2010

Slice of Life

This 17 inch wide cake stand costs $75.00.
I'm having an autumn wedding, and one of the trends I continue to see on wedding sites is a trend that fits perfectly with an autumn wedding.  That trend is, the tree slice.  I've seen several dessert tables that have tree slices of various heights as stands for cakes, pies and cookies.  It's autumnal, earthy and charming.
The question then becomes, are tree slices eco-friendly?  Well, they certainly ain't budget-friendly.  I hoped that since we're talking about what are seemingly "leftovers" of previously cut trees, that they would be sold at bulk for a reasonable price.  Say, ten slices for twenty bucks.  In actuality, a single slice can run anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars, depending on the size and whether or not it's custom engraved.
But price aside, the question remains, is it eco-friendly?
The answer: it depends.  You can find a reliable supplier that uses recycled materials at, if you're really interested.  But everything I love at Etsy seems to be out of my price range, so I'm out of luck.
In the end, I've decided to skip the tree slice, and use reusable plates and stands that I'll collect from family members.  After all, nothing's cheaper or better for the planet than borrowing from a friend.
~ the green/green bride

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In a Perfect World
In a perfect world, I would have access to a magical forrest.
My dress would be a romantic, vintage-inspired, lace creation.
The ceremony would take place in the middle of my magical forrest, complete with couches, benches, quilt covered haystacks and a great big tree.  I've always dreamt of being married under a great big tree.
My family and friends would eat at long, beautifully decorated communal tables.
Lights would hang from the trees like stars.
I would know lots of talented, professional photographers who would love nothing more than to document my wedding, free of charge, of course.
And their'd be a bonfire.  A great big one.  It wouldn't burn down the magical forrest, though.  Don't you worry.
Oh, and their would be a little boy playing with a fuzzy white caterpillar - and one of my photographers would get a great shot of it.
In a perfect world, my wedding would look a lot like:                                                                                                                            
The Wedding of Krystal and Paul
When you have the time, take a peek at these gorgeous pictures.  It's okay to drool, gasp and even cry a little.  I know I did.
~ the green/green bride

Monday, November 1, 2010

Calling All Hoarders

So simple.  So pretty.
I'm collecting glass containers.  Jars, bottles, whatever.  My plan is to hoard whatever I find that might look pretty if it had a single flower, or a small bouquet of flowers in it.  So far, without buying anything out of the ordinary, I have a dozen glass containers that will one day be apart of my centerpieces.  My idea is to have very long tables, two of them to be exact, with ivory table cloths and burlap runners (it's a backyard, casual wedding), and a slew of these small glass containers filled with seasonal (mostly purple) flowers.  Dahlias are in season in October, and since dahlias are my favorite flower, I plan on incorporating as many as my budget can allow.  Pomegranates are also in season, so I'd love to have seasonal fruit, along with nuts and chocolates and candles running down the tables.  I'll save my table setting ideas for another day.
My favorite piece, so far.  An old maple syrup jar from Trader Joe's
So, since I tend to collect the same glass containers from eating the same foods, I'd like to send a call to all hoarders, recyclers and helpful enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area.  If you finish a jar or a bottle of something, and you think 'wow, this is a really cool _____, but I don't want it', then give it to me.  I'm specifically looking for interestingly shaped containers and colored containers.  Blues, greens, yellows and golds would tickle my fancy.
~ the green/green bride