Friday, September 3, 2010

Flower Girl

Photo from Style Me Pretty
I struggle with flowers.  Part of me thinks they're kind of a waste.  They can cost thousands of dollars and are most likely going to be appreciated for six to eight hours before they live their last days withering at the bottom of a trash can with half-eaten cake and used napkins.  On the other hand, their beautiful.  So...
Here are my ideas for incorporating flowers into a green/green wedding:

  • Give 'em away, give 'em away, give 'em away now.  Let your guests take flowers with them as mementos.  Better they end their days on your aunt's dining room table then the garbage.
  • Bury them.  Find a compost and call it even.
  • Go small or go home.  Use flowers as accent decorations and use edible treats as the major theme of your design.  Just imagine a glass bowl full of soft, rustic peaches as a centerpiece.
  • Or, screw it, save your money and have your flowers.  For us and our $5,000 budget, flowers are going to be few and far between.  I'd rather spend big bucks on food and drink then floral arrangements, but that's just me. 
Their are lots of paper based alternatives to using flowers as decoration.  I believe they're cheaper than the real thing, but environmentally speaking, I don't think it's that great to swap something that grows from the earth with something that grows from the earth and then gets processed with chemicals and shipped half way across the country.  Plus, making tissue paper bouquets that look as good as this one from Martha Stewart seems like a pre-wedding chore that will make me cry.  And their's no crying in wedding planning.  
~ the green/green bride

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  1. Sounds prudent. Thanks for showing your flower ideas. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.