Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color Palette(s)

I have to pick a color palette for the wedding... at least that's what they tell me.  I know that I want the majority of the ceremony and reception to be filled with light neutrals: rosewater, cream, khaki, butter, etc.  I like that clean, natural look.  But I have to decide two bold colors to go along with my neutrals, because that's what Martha Stewart suggests, and Martha is my guide.  One of my "bolds" will be lavender.  You might be wondering if lavender is a "bold" color.  I'm wondering the same thing myself.  I chose lavender because their are tons of purple flowers in season in September.  So picture it.  Neutral tables with pops of soft purple color coming from blooms in mason jars.  The last "bold" has yet to be decided.

Navy and Lavender

I'm basically trying to decide between two palettes.  Navy/Lavender/Rosewater, or Chocolate/Lavender/Rosewater.

Not quite Chocolate/Lavender, more Purplish/Brownish - but you get the idea.

Whichever way I go will determine what color dress my bridesmaids will wear.

They'll either be in chocolate colored dresses, with soft purple bouquets, or navy colored dresses, with a soft purple bouquets.  They won't be wearing either of these dresses, however.  Not unless they want to.  I'm merely giving them a color preference.  They can wear whatever they want.  Floor length or mini, pant suit or bathing suit.  Er...
So what should it be people?  I'd like to hear your thoughts.
~ the green/green bride.