Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hollis and Charlie: a couple of cute kids I know.
Hollis is almost as happy about her graham cracker as I am happy about this photograph.
Adam and I are trying to figure out if we should have young children at our wedding.  Here are the pros and cons to not having kids at the wedding that have been bouncing back and forth between our brains the last few days:


  1. Guests can have a great time drinking, dancing and living it up without worrying about whether or not a kid has broken a glass or stuck their hand in the cake or started a fire.
  2. We can invite more adults.

  1. The pictures won't have any cute flower girl shots or photos of little boys break dancing on the dance floor.

The lists are short, but the question still remains. Should we invite kids to the wedding?  
We need your help. Help us out and leave a comment telling us what you think.
~ the green/green bride


  1. You already know what I think!!! Love the photo! xo

  2. I vote yes to kids.

    And if you end up including them, it might be helpful to have a table with crayons, drawing paper, bubbles, ect...

    We passed out glow sticks at our reception and it kept the little guys entertained for hours.

  3. what little cuties! children make weddings so warm. maybe there could be someone like a teenager who keeps an eye on them and does an activity with them.

  4. I say no kids besides the one you really want. Like a flower girl and a ring barer (and the ring barer's brother). Then, for the fun dancing and dinner and stuff, 86 the kids and get your boogie on with the worry.