Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In a Perfect World
In a perfect world, I would have access to a magical forrest.
My dress would be a romantic, vintage-inspired, lace creation.
The ceremony would take place in the middle of my magical forrest, complete with couches, benches, quilt covered haystacks and a great big tree.  I've always dreamt of being married under a great big tree.
My family and friends would eat at long, beautifully decorated communal tables.
Lights would hang from the trees like stars.
I would know lots of talented, professional photographers who would love nothing more than to document my wedding, free of charge, of course.
And their'd be a bonfire.  A great big one.  It wouldn't burn down the magical forrest, though.  Don't you worry.
Oh, and their would be a little boy playing with a fuzzy white caterpillar - and one of my photographers would get a great shot of it.
In a perfect world, my wedding would look a lot like:                                                                                                                            
The Wedding of Krystal and Paul
When you have the time, take a peek at these gorgeous pictures.  It's okay to drool, gasp and even cry a little.  I know I did.
~ the green/green bride

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  1. omg, LOVE the hair things, the groom in ORANGE SHOES! the candles in jars tied to trees, mini individual pies (yum!), BUBBLES... and that video is UNREAL, and a BONFIRE, WHAT!?!?!?!? uh-mazing.